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we are a modern roofing organization that specializes in professional roofing services throughout the United States. For many years now we have been providing services for the repair, replacement and installation of the roof of residential and commercial buildings.

Service list

Emergency repair
  • ✔ replacement of the damaged section of the roofing
  • ✔ replacement of several nodes in the roof structure
  • ✔ restoration of the waterproofing layer
  • ✔ replacement of damaged fasteners
  • ✔ repair and restoration of the drainage system
Maintenance repair
  • ✔ replacement or restoration of the damaged section of the roofing
  • ✔ restoration or replacment of several nodes in the roof structure
  • ✔ partial replacement of the waterproofing layer
  • ✔ replacement of damaged fasteners
  • ✔ repair and restoration of the drainage system
Overhaul repair
  • ✔ dismantling of the old damaged roofing
  • ✔ complete repair of the roof truss system
  • ✔ fire protection and antiseptic treatment of all wooden structures
  • ✔ replacement of the vapor barrier laye
  • ✔ restoration or complete replacement of thermal insulation
Reconstruction repair
  • ✔ dismantling the old and installing a new crate
  • ✔ reinforcement of the crate
  • ✔ strengthening of valleys, cornice overhangs
  • ✔ strengthening of the characteristic nodes and load-bearing structures of the truss system
  • ✔ creation of effective ventilation; roofing insulation

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How we are working

call to phone
Call or apply online

We advise you, ask questions to understand your needs and offer the best solution

We go to the site and take measurements

We will take the necessary measurements, help with the choice of materials. We agree on a schedule for the implementation and payment of work.

Getting to work

We buy and deliver the necessary materials to the object and do work.

people to work
We successfully hand over the object within the specified time

We complete all the work, bring beauty. We agree on the acts of the work performed.

Reasons for roof repairs

Extreme weather conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, hail

The use of low-quality building material from which the roof is built

Lack of proper maintenance of the roof by specialists during the entire service life

Deterioration of building materials from which the roof is made

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Reviews about us

Roof leak repair

Most often, the roof begins to leak during heavy rains or snowfalls. This greatly complicates the repair work. Therefore, local repairs are usually carried out first to stop the leak. But since the weather does not always allow for full-fledged repairs, it is often easier to first apply a small patch, which should only stop flowing for a while, and already when good weather or a warm season sets in, make a major overhaul. In order for leaky roof repair to be most effective, it is simply necessary to examine the entire roof, even outside the area of the leak. To do this, they usually inspect the upper and lower parts of the slope and make a detour parallel to the site of the leak.

Emergency roof repair

Emergency roof repairs are carried out in the event of a leak or other sudden damage to the roof caused by weather conditions. Post-accident repair of metal roofing, as well as other types of coatings, consists in emergency restoration and, in the future, maintaining the roof in a condition that makes it possible to use it normally. In this case, the roof covering is replaced in places of real and most likely leaks in the near future, on average, about 5–20 percent of the entire area. It also replaces the coating in some small areas and delivers patch.

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